Structural Repair

Rotten sills, girders, joists and piers undermine the structure of your home.  How do you know if this may be happening without crawling around under your home? 

  • Interior cracks around doors or windows

  • Trim separating from ceiling of floor

  • Gapping or buckling of hardwood floor

  • Uneven, bouncy or squishy floors

  • No vapor barrier in crawlspace

  • Doors not closing properly

Don't wait if you're noticing any of these as rot spreads quickly and invites all sorts of pests, vermin and mold.

Exterior Repair

The exterior of your home takes a beating from the elements year round. Let us help with :

  • Soffit & Fascia Repair

  • Window Sill and Molding Repair

  • Hardie or Wood Siding Repair

Don't let seemingly small repair tasks add up to large repair bills. 

Crawl Space Repair

Wood Rescue Team began as a closing & punch list specialty company. Over the years we have found the most important service we can offer our Realtor, Pre-Listing, and Pre-Closing customers is wood rot repair. 

Whether this comes in the form of a CL-100 repair, Exterior Repairs, Deck Repair, Structural Repair or other home inspection report related repair, Wood Rescue Team understands

  • Invoicing Accuracy 

  • Tight Timelines

  • Recommendations vs Repairs

  • Post Closing Payment Schedules

  • Relevant Pre-Listing Repair Needs.

With a background in Real Estate and Home Inspections, Wood Rescue Team is your ultimate resource.

Water Mitigation

Water is always looking for a point of entry to your home. Whether it's malfunctioning gutters, neglected paint, or moisture in your crawlspace. Wood Rescue Team offers

  • Gutter Tune- Ups

  • Vapor Barrier

  • Encapsulation

  • Sump Pump install 

  • Moisture & Thermal Reading follow problems to the source

Deck Repair

With NADRA Certified Deck safety inspectors on staff, you can always be sure that your repairs are made to last.

What do we repair?

  • Rotten Handrails

  • Rotting or Damaged Steps

  • Structural Support (piers, joists, girders & sills)

  • Deck Planks / Resurfacing

We offer Trex and Wood Repair options.


 Ask us about making your deck and under deck a more comfortable and inviting space with Haven Under Deck.